Ain’t No City Like New Orleans

For our first full day in New Orleans we started the day of with breakfast at the hotel. We got dressed and headed out to French Quarter. The unofficial plan for the day was to see more of the French Quarter, the market and eat at Café du Monde.


Purple/Pink House

We saw some beautiful houses and after we had been walking around for a little while, we got hungry again and found this little bar/diner called Dat Dog, very cool vibe and good food. I was not that hungry but got to taste some food from the others. Julian ordered a hot dog, and some WTF fries. Caroline ordered shrimp fries, sounds discussing, I know but they were actually really good.


Ordering board at Dat Dog


Window art by the table


Julian’s hot dog


Shrimp Fries


WTF Fries

After that little food stop we began walking to Café du Monde. Since it was Monday there was not that many people, we had about 3 people before us in the queue. The day before the line was about 30 to 45 min wait time. Caroline and Julian had coffee I got an orange juice, and fresh beignets. We walked over to the steps looking over Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral, we also had a street performer as we people watch and enjoyed our food.


Cafe Du Monde Order Sign


Cafe Du Monde Pick Up


Cafe Du Monde Our Order


Cafe Du Monde Lunch


Cafe Du Monde Lunch


We walked through Jackson Square and looked inside St Louis Cathedral. It was amazing and had beautiful architecture. Then we saw a little street that lead to the back of the Cathedral and found Royal St, there was a lot of small shops and music playing on the street. We walked around Royal St and explored more of French Quarter.

We also tried to go and see a cemetery, but we did not manage to get inside, but it was still amazing to look at from the gates. So much history and just seeing them from the outside was inspiring and interesting.


Street leading to Royal St.


Statues in a decoration shop

The funny thing about New Orleans is that you can walk around legally with alcohol, as long as it is not in a glass bottle you are good. So bars and restaurants give you to go cups, and you can walk around with it. There are actually signs that are written with it, on the side of the road, it is the law after all.


The to go cup

Caroline and myself decided to buy something to drink, and some cups. We then walked the complete wrong way and ended up in this really dodgy neighborhood, it was late at night almost no street lights. So we decided to take out our trusted friend Google maps and find our way home without looking like we had no idea where we were going. After successfully making it home, Caroline and I took on our comfy clothes and played Uno and card games for the rest of the night.

Hope you liked this and the last part to this little mini series will be up tomorrow.