Farewell to Storyville

On day three we packed our stuff and drove to French Quarter to find a parking spot, because we wanted to do some shopping. After parking at Jay St, we went back to Café du Monde and had breakfast. There was actually no line at all, we were the only people buying at the window at that time. After walking around for a little bit we ended back at the little shops by Royal St, and we did our shopping. Around 3 O’clock we got in the car and made our way out of the city.



To stop by the Hard Rock Café in Biloxi was a thing we all wanted to do. When we got there we did our souvenir shopping, Caroline and Julian wanted to check out the casino. I had left my driver’s license in the car, and I do not travel with my passport unless I am going out of the country. So the man did not want to let me in based on my Norwegian bank card, that have our information and picture on the back. Basically I was sitting outside like a lost child with my Starbucks and Ben & Jerry on a sofa with all the older mom’s.




Hard Rock Guitar

After being on the road for a long time, Caroline started singing on this song called “Chattahoochee” and found out it is actually a city in Florida, close to the Georgia state line. We talked Julian into driving there, after driving through the city which took about 10 min, with traffic lights. Julian and I had a driver shift, by this abandoned gas station on the side of the road. Since I was the one driving, the idea of driving five minutes up and going to one more state was too tempting.




Chattahoochee Auto Parts

We ended up on this swingy dirt road, it was like being home in Norway, driving in the middle of nowhere. Julian not being too excited about Caroline and my decision he still though it was entertaining. We never officially saw the “Welcome to Georgia” sign, but our trusted friend Google maps said we were there, so we could now try and get out of there.

A couple of wrong turns later we made it to what looked like civilization, we then drove past prison number 4 in our trip. I have to say it was a little scary. The case did not get any better when we drove past prison number 5, and our good friend Google maps told me to tur a little too late, I missed my exit and had to U-turn before we got too far away. But long behold the police was right there at the prison parking lot. I did not want to get in trouble for doing a U-turn and drove to the prison parking lot, turned the car and headed back to the road.

When we were about 2 to 3 hours away from home, we hit heavy Florida rain I have to say it is not my favorite driving conditions. After a little while I could almost not see anything so we decided that Julian should drive the last 2 hour of the trip. We made it safely home around 6:30am.


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