Farewell to Storyville

On day three we packed our stuff and drove to French Quarter to find a parking spot, because we wanted to do some shopping. After parking at Jay St, we went back to Café du Monde and had breakfast. There was actually no line at all, we were the only people buying at the window at that time. After walking around for a little bit we ended back at the little shops by Royal St, and we did our shopping. Around 3 O’clock we got in the car and made our way out of the city.



To stop by the Hard Rock Café in Biloxi was a thing we all wanted to do. When we got there we did our souvenir shopping, Caroline and Julian wanted to check out the casino. I had left my driver’s license in the car, and I do not travel with my passport unless I am going out of the country. So the man did not want to let me in based on my Norwegian bank card, that have our information and picture on the back. Basically I was sitting outside like a lost child with my Starbucks and Ben & Jerry on a sofa with all the older mom’s.




Hard Rock Guitar

After being on the road for a long time, Caroline started singing on this song called “Chattahoochee” and found out it is actually a city in Florida, close to the Georgia state line. We talked Julian into driving there, after driving through the city which took about 10 min, with traffic lights. Julian and I had a driver shift, by this abandoned gas station on the side of the road. Since I was the one driving, the idea of driving five minutes up and going to one more state was too tempting.




Chattahoochee Auto Parts

We ended up on this swingy dirt road, it was like being home in Norway, driving in the middle of nowhere. Julian not being too excited about Caroline and my decision he still though it was entertaining. We never officially saw the “Welcome to Georgia” sign, but our trusted friend Google maps said we were there, so we could now try and get out of there.

A couple of wrong turns later we made it to what looked like civilization, we then drove past prison number 4 in our trip. I have to say it was a little scary. The case did not get any better when we drove past prison number 5, and our good friend Google maps told me to tur a little too late, I missed my exit and had to U-turn before we got too far away. But long behold the police was right there at the prison parking lot. I did not want to get in trouble for doing a U-turn and drove to the prison parking lot, turned the car and headed back to the road.

When we were about 2 to 3 hours away from home, we hit heavy Florida rain I have to say it is not my favorite driving conditions. After a little while I could almost not see anything so we decided that Julian should drive the last 2 hour of the trip. We made it safely home around 6:30am.


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Ain’t No City Like New Orleans

For our first full day in New Orleans we started the day of with breakfast at the hotel. We got dressed and headed out to French Quarter. The unofficial plan for the day was to see more of the French Quarter, the market and eat at Café du Monde.


Purple/Pink House

We saw some beautiful houses and after we had been walking around for a little while, we got hungry again and found this little bar/diner called Dat Dog, very cool vibe and good food. I was not that hungry but got to taste some food from the others. Julian ordered a hot dog, and some WTF fries. Caroline ordered shrimp fries, sounds discussing, I know but they were actually really good.


Ordering board at Dat Dog


Window art by the table


Julian’s hot dog


Shrimp Fries


WTF Fries

After that little food stop we began walking to Café du Monde. Since it was Monday there was not that many people, we had about 3 people before us in the queue. The day before the line was about 30 to 45 min wait time. Caroline and Julian had coffee I got an orange juice, and fresh beignets. We walked over to the steps looking over Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral, we also had a street performer as we people watch and enjoyed our food.


Cafe Du Monde Order Sign


Cafe Du Monde Pick Up


Cafe Du Monde Our Order


Cafe Du Monde Lunch


Cafe Du Monde Lunch


We walked through Jackson Square and looked inside St Louis Cathedral. It was amazing and had beautiful architecture. Then we saw a little street that lead to the back of the Cathedral and found Royal St, there was a lot of small shops and music playing on the street. We walked around Royal St and explored more of French Quarter.

We also tried to go and see a cemetery, but we did not manage to get inside, but it was still amazing to look at from the gates. So much history and just seeing them from the outside was inspiring and interesting.


Street leading to Royal St.


Statues in a decoration shop

The funny thing about New Orleans is that you can walk around legally with alcohol, as long as it is not in a glass bottle you are good. So bars and restaurants give you to go cups, and you can walk around with it. There are actually signs that are written with it, on the side of the road, it is the law after all.


The to go cup

Caroline and myself decided to buy something to drink, and some cups. We then walked the complete wrong way and ended up in this really dodgy neighborhood, it was late at night almost no street lights. So we decided to take out our trusted friend Google maps and find our way home without looking like we had no idea where we were going. After successfully making it home, Caroline and I took on our comfy clothes and played Uno and card games for the rest of the night.

Hope you liked this and the last part to this little mini series will be up tomorrow.



Come On Down To New Orleans

Two of my friends and myself decided that we wanted to see what the Mardi Gras parades was all about. Even though we sort off failed on that part we had a fun and awesome trip anyway. We started the drive around 10pm on a Saturday night and we arrived around 9am on Sunday morning. Even though we took the long route and drove through Jacksonville, because we did not want to pay the tolls, it took us a little longer, but it was a road trip after all.

Around 6 o’clock in the am, we crossed into Alabama, and of course we had to take the iconic “Sweet Home Alabama” picture. I “invested” in a selfie stick and we took lots of pictures, when we figured out how it worked. The sun was even making it’s morning debut over the horizontal and it was breathtakingly beautiful. We kept on driving and after many roadside stops, we made it!


Sweet Home Alabama

After finding our hotel, we went on a little drive around New Orleans to try and find more food. It has to be one of the funniest rides I have ever been a part of. But after a little bit of safari we found Sonic, best place to eat if you are on the road or just a little lazy. You drive into a covered parking space and order your food of the board. They then come out to you, give you the food, and you can stay there and eat it. It was so much fun!


The Ordering Board at Sonic “America’s Drive-In”

When we got back into the City we went back to our hotel and checked in, after that we got changed and headed to the streets and checked out what New Orleans and French Quarter had to offer. We walked around for a little bit looked at shops and walked by the markets. After that we decided to walk back to the hotel to change, take a nap and then go out again.


Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral

We then walked to Hard Rock Cafe and did a little bit of shopping, we asked the girl that worked there what restaurants she would recommend us trying. She said that the restaurant across the street called Oceana was a good place to eat if you like sea food. We being us of course walked across the street and headed to this restaurant.

It was amazing, they mainly served sea food (almost all of New Orleans does), and alcohol. So we got a little bit of everything. I had an amazing Shrimp Fettuccini and Strawberry Daiquiri. And the two other had “The Taste f New Orleans”.





The Taste Of New Orleans


Shrimp Fettuccine

And then we hit up the legendary Bourbon St, it was a lot of fun, walking from one pub to another listening to the music, and having a couple of drinks. We then decided to go and by some drinks at the liquor store. After taking a couple of wrong turns and long side streets we found our hotel. Then we changed into comfortable clothes and decided to play card games and drink some of the alcohol we bought.

To say the least our first day was extremely successful and we had an amazing time, and could not wait to start our 2nd day of exploring New Orleans. So stay tuned for day 3 and 4 they are coming soon! (Sorry about the photo quality, I took them on my Iphone)