New York City

I can only say one thing about this city is I LOVE it…

There will never be a way to explain the way you can love one thing or a place, but sometimes you just do. I have friends and family that do not get why I love NYC so much. But like I said it can never be explain, the energy, the buzz, the way the city moves, there is too much to love.

Even though I have only been there 5 times, and the last one was a week a go, I do think it is the best city I have ever been to.

I have not been able to visit a lot of different places, but the once I have had the pleasure of going to, I have treasured every single part of it. I feel like, even though you might not have the money or the time to travel to some of these extravagant places. The time that you actually have the opportunity to go, you will cherish it even more then you would if you could just pick up and leave on the red eye.

The second to last time I got the chance to go to New York City, I went with a good friend. It was her first time and my 4th, I like to show people around, but not to the extend where I feel like some people are just hanging on me, I felt a little guilty that I might not have shown her all the things she might have wanted to see.

But I love to just walk around not stressing,  just walking around and looking at things and the people that are there. There will always be a little satisfaction about looking at people stressing around trying to make the next sale, or making it to the next meeting. I can never understand the people that do not love it, but some people are different and I understand that. It is like me and the countryside, I can be there for a couple off days relaxing, but after that it just gets a little bit boring just sitting around doing next to nothing.

The last time I went to the city, I was all by myself. For the first time it was just me. Flying, living and walking all by my self, and I loved it. There was no stress about when I had to be back, or when I had to move on and go to the next place. I just walked and took in the city all by myself. It was great, I walked block upon block, getting a little lost, and then I would eventually get where I was originally planing to go. That is how I like to walk around, not necessarily have a plan, but remembering what was around the corner and just walking there.

I got to eat at places I had never seen before, and putting a lot on my bucket list for later visits. But there was never people looking at me walking all by myself and thinking, “why is she walking all by herself?”. I actually had a couple of tourist ask me, yes me, about the directions to where they should go. Seeing I do not live in the city, I turned to google maps, and found them the way they where looking for.

But when you get to take a little break every now and then, just for a weekend, it’s worth it to just get out, clear your head and move on a little bit.

Central Park

Me in Central Park early October.



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